Pun intended

Yet again some idiot celeb with a distended ego is throwing their weight around on twitter. I’d usually ignore this kind of thing but the victim of the cyber-bullying is a twitter friend of mine.

And let’s make this clear right from the very off shall we: Duncan Bannatyne is not a victim here. He read a tweet, while searching his name on twitter, that was quite obviously an attempt at a pun on Braveheart, but which used his name. It was a joke. Whether you find it funny or not, it’s still a joke. It may have been in poor taste, but it was a joke. It didn’t portray any reality that anyone could recognise, because it was quite obviously a joke.

The Dragon’s reaction? Laugh it off? Nah. Ask politely for it to be deleted because it upset him? No. The Big Man threatens to sue, and then unleashes his many thousands of followers to fight his battles for him.

He may not consciously have done this, but it’s what happens when celebrities have a bit of a tiff on twitter. He should have known this. But wait, it’s clear that Duncan Banantyne doesn’t understand twitter and how it works.

The epic piece of egotistical anti-twitter nonsense that was #DuncansDream is proof of that. Twitter is great for hunting out interesting people we’d like to hear more from, so we follow them. That’s also how we get followers. We don’t go begging; what’s the point? People will just unfollow you if you tweet pointless shite, anyway. Because that’s how twitter works. Not by having some wonderfully inane, pointless ‘dream’ where everybody follows everybody else. Where’s the fun/use in that? (By the by, Mr Bannatyne obviously doesn’t have much faith in his dream as he only follows 171 people)

I don’t have 30,000 followers because, quite honestly, I don’t deserve them. My tweets are random, usually quite dull and only intermittently funny when I can come up with a good pun. Which leads me nicely back to the real victim here.

I won’t name her as I don’t think she needs any more hassle, but more power to her elbow. She puns like crazy. Not all of them work, but enough do. Same with a lot of people I follow. Same with the vast majority of twitter, really. We all like a #Hashtag game or two, now and again, and the majority of these are pun based, because they work really well on Twitter.  

Her pun may have been in poor taste to some eyes, in which case un-follow her, block her, ask her to delete the tweet.

Just don’t flex your monied muscles like an over-reacting, cowardly prick, then run away leaving her to deal with REAL abuse from YOUR followers. Duncan Bannatyne, you are a disgrace and should call your dogs off and behave like a decent human being.

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15 Responses to Pun intended

  1. jox says:

    Well put, Duncan will so often go on about bullying (in any form) and how he hates it but as has happened many a time, if you say something he doesn’t like he simply post the persons twitter name and get his followers to do his bidding instead of dirtying his hands.

  2. Mandy says:

    Hear hear! Well said.

  3. Well said! The irony of Ballantyne inciting bullying is apparent for all with even half a brain to see. He has only shown himself up in this. The lady in question does not deserve this.

  4. deblough says:

    Very well said. I used to like Duncan Bannatyne. Unfortunately I’ve realised he’s an ignorant prick.

  5. Vince says:

    Could’nt have put it better

    Well written

  6. Heather says:

    Totally agree – and yes I have seen him do the same to people before this too – that’s why I unfollwed him ages ago. Used to think he was an ok guy – now see him as an egotistical self-publicist who has no sense of humour and to survive on Twitter you definitely need a sense of humour!

  7. Me says:

    He didn’t unleash his followers, he overreacted by threatening to sue, she understandably retweeted and then followers on both sides got involved.

    Then, 24 hours later she got pissed and ranted for an hour, calling him a cunt and using his twitter name. Then it got really nasty with his followers getting vicious and hers responding in kind.

    Nobody looks good in this debacle, and frankly the canonisation of Sharon and demonisation of Bannatyne is insane. They both deserve to be ignored.

    • samjay67 says:

      I take your point, but as I said in the blog Mr Bannatyne should have realised what would happen when he made the threat (and threat it was). It has blown up, you’re right, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen with Mr B. I’ve followed both, and believe me, this is totally in character for Bannatyne. Less so for S. Thanks for the comment, though, appreciated.

  8. Gordon Rae says:

    What I find particularly unpleasant is the way that Mr. Bannatyne has exaggerated the whole incident. His very first tweet said “if (sic) it hurts my family I will sue you for as much as I can “. When a lawyer offered to help the woman who toldthe joke, he dropped the ‘If’ and tweeted: “the sort of lawyer that would take money from someone who damages children I see.”

    Since then, Mr. Bannatyne has kept up this theme of ‘damaging children’. At one point on Friday, he tweeted: “if you do not protect your children you are not a man” and he repeated his convinction that the joke-teller and the lawyer were “putting childrens welfare in danger”. Those are serious allegations, out of all proportion to what actually happened (somebody told a crap joke, and deleted it when asked). I’m sure his exaggeration has contributed a lot to the severity of the attacks his followers have unleashed over the last two days.

  9. klaraedmund says:

    Well said, most of them only use it to promote themselves, and speak amongst there own, maybe throw a scrap to the minions now and then.

  10. pacparent says:

    This just solidified the reason I don’t tweet or face-book. People like to hide behind walls while they torture others. Who made that jerk a celebrity? Us. Who are these people anyway. Do they not realize that if everyone stop supporting them they will be last weeks blog. tsk;tsk;tsk;

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  12. iteezy says:

    its very sad bad and cruel world out there

  13. Ummm, really thick here but who is Duncan Ballatyne?

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