All wrong things must end (part 1)

It’s been a long month, an August full of hate, ignorance, idiocy and just plain wrongness. It’s also been occasionally interesting and intermittently amusing. A bit of housekeeping first, though. Two of my blogs have mysteriously disappeared from here. I’m not suggesting a conspiracy of right-wing techno-terrorism as it’s more than likely I’ve been an idiot and not posted them properly. It makes you think, though, doesn’t it….

A quick précis of the first of the two missing blogposts in case I can’t find them and re-post.

 The first two weeks of #wrongtwitter saw a Sodom* of fundamentalist Christian Americans getting on my nerves an awful lot (see earlier blogs). For the sake of balance I started following a lot of BNP idiots in mid-August, as well as a general group of ethno-supremacists, Little Englander Xenophobes and white power-mongers. Let’s call them racists** for short.

It turned out to be an ideal time to follow the BNP, as the organisation appeared to be imploding. A leadership election was in progress, and the rank and file of the BNP didn’t seem too happy with Nick Griffin. Four people stood, Griffin scraped through, but not without rancour. A couple of self-proclaimed “progressive” splinter groups came into being, most notably under former senior BNP idiot Eddy Butler, and ideological debates about innovative and exciting ways of being racist took place. The present leadership banned all debate, party workers were sacked and massive debts were alleged. It seemed the game was up for the BNP.

And then it all went a bit quiet.

I’d said from the beginning of #wrongtwitter that if someone I followed asked me what I was doing, I wouldn’t lie. No-one questioned me at all, though. I tried tweeting individuals to get a bit of interest going, but only got a couple of half hearted replies. The BNP lot were nasty wrongheaded tools, but they had yet to start foaming at the mouth and ranting. I was hoping for the twitter equivalent of the Nuremburg rallies, but I got a Town Council sub-committee meeting instead. Was it because I had become immune to their twattish nonsense?  Quite possibly, such is the media presence of racists nowadays.

I was all set to throw it in when salvation arrived in the fuckwitted shape of the EDL, and their proposed charabanc day-out to Bradford. More on this in the next blog….

* The correct collective noun, I’m certain, though I’m happy to receive suggestions for better ones. 

 **because that’s what they are.

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