Violence, Money and Superstition

It’s the first day of my self-imposed #wrongtwitter journey, and I’m feeling positive about my desire to do this.

 I’d like to say thanks to everyone who tweeted me yesterday, retweeted my blog and left comments there. To quote Shakin’ Stevens, lovely stuff. The un-following of people last night was pathetically emotional. When all that was left on my feed were my own tweets, it felt very odd. Quiet. Like I’d gone out at 3 in the morning, wearing slippers.

A few people un-followed me, either because they couldn’t be arsed reading my #wrongtwitter tweets or they didn’t quite understand why I had (temporarily) un-followed them. Or, of course, they took this opportunity to sneak out the back door. A few, I know, have never really read my tweets and so hadn’t read yesterday’s blog. Oh well, they won’t be missed.

Lots of new followers though, all keen to see me disintegrate under the pressure of following people I really, really disagree with. And abhor.

Hello, you sick perverts. But thanks.

 On with the bastard motley.

 Today I followed forty people. I’m using my normal twitter site, so they can see who I am. I’m not going to lie to them if they send me a tweet. Eleven of them blocked me, which I see as a victory straight away.

 The people I followed are mostly from the USA. I’m not anti-American, loving so much about that country. It just seemed to me it was as good a place to start as anywhere else. Plus there is a kind of extremism to be found in the kind of people I wanted to follow. They don’t do things by halves.

 I found some well meaning people who I simply didn’t agree with, but respected. No use following them, I thought. The ones I’m left with are the business. Their world is based around violence, money and superstition, their doctrine “Fuck the world, fuck the heathens, fuck Obama and fuck you”. They like flags, guns, god and tea-parties. Their pin-ups are Palin, Bush and Reagan. I don’t like them, but I want to learn more about them and others like them.

 I also followed the usual suspects from the UK: BNP, ethno-supremacists, media idiots. I need more from the UK, please. Suggestions welcomed.

 My evening will now be spent reading their guff. Quick example: As you can imagine, there’s an almost violent pro-life thing with the US lot. This corker came last night:

 “Trying to sleep, but can’t stop thinking about all of those selfish fetuses (sic) attacking the rights of defenseless, selfless, #prochoice women”

 That was mild, trust me. It gets grim from here on…

Addendum 4/8/2010: I should have credited the quote I gave above. It came from the @SillyLiberals twitter account.

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5 Responses to Violence, Money and Superstition

  1. Anti says:

    Speaking of guff, do you read your own blog? It’s quite terrible! And I’d appreciate you giving me credit for my tweets. Don’t be a coward. And seriously, define “violent”, and then rewrite your blog. What a waste of server data.

    • samjay67 says:

      Ha, you have the sarcasm thing down to a fine art, don’t you? Criticism of writing style always welcome.
      You’re right, I should have credited your tweet. Not a cowardly decision, just an error. Still, at least I use my name on things I write. I’ll alter the blog.
      My definition of ‘violent’? It has a few, but in this sense I was talking about the intensity of emotion and use of language. Using words like “killing”, “murder”, “nazi” in your tweets strikes me as a fairly emotionally intense use of language.
      Poorly written blog? Fine, no problem with that. I’m not looking for a Pulitzer prize.
      Oh, and thanks for listing me under “ignorance”. Made me laugh, but I’m too stupid to know why. All I know is my server data wastage is not down to hatred.

  2. Anti says:

    Kudos to you for giving credit where credit is due. Thank you.

    That’s quite interesting that you find ’emotionally intense use of language’ to be ‘violent’. I’m quite certain the definition of violence involves physical force. That is unless the definition has recently changed? At any rate, this only proves to be a classic example of ‘liberal thought’, a la, using science to redefine the meaning of life so that ‘abortion’ doesn’t mean murdering an unborn child. And therefore abortion isn’t an act of violence anymore, right? Problem solved!!! WRONG. Life is categorized by stages before birth, just as it is after birth. The attempt to cheapen the value of life and open the door for unaccountability is just that. Therefore, when some prochoice, liberal nutjob wants to argue with me about violence, I think it’s only fair to call them out for who and what they really are. Violent, murderous and ignorant. If the truth hurts, well then, I’d say it’s time for a wake up call. Also, I really just call it like I see it; there’s no need to soften the blow just because liberals like to soften/cheapen/change the meaning of words, and don’t enjoy facing the truth.

    That leads me to my next point. I’m amused every single day at how many people are offended by being put on a ‘list’ called ‘ignorance’. Poor, sensitive little things… I even put the definition of the word on there to soften the blow. However, it only goes to show how unwilling the liberal mind is to open a dictionary or even GOOGLE the definition of a word. I’d say it’s more of a suggestion than an insult. It’s not my fault that side of the isle is either illiterate or too lazy to read. It MUST be one or the other.

    So yeah, is there hatred in my posts? Absolutely. But it’s not towards people. It’s toward prochoice ideology, abortion, propaganda and many other passive acts of violence. And speaking of passive acts of ‘violence’ (by your definition of the word), my tweets are no more violent than your blog. I’m not blind; I can clearly see what you’re trying to do here. And one last thing; I challenge you to find ONE tweet on my page where I have personally used the word ‘Nazi’ to insult someone. And for that matter, find ONE tweet where I have personally used the word ‘Nazi’ at all. At this moment I have 777 tweets. If you find it, link it and tweet it to me, and I’ll take you off of my ignorance list. If you find one, you’ll have earned that freedom well. Tweet #778 just might employ the use of that word if it’s directed at the prochoice (thanks for the idea btw, I hadn’t compared the two before), but that’s in the future so it doesn’t count. Happy hunting!

    • samjay67 says:

      Here’s a link to one of your tweets where you used the word nazi:

      I wasn’t offended that you put me on your ‘Ignorance’ list, I’m not sure how you got that idea….I said I found it amusing, which I still do.

      By the way, did you bother Googling the word ‘violent’, like the good anti-liberal you are? Here’s a link giving you some definitions if you are interested:
      I don’t have to change/soften/cheapen words. The context in which I use them is correct. My blog (poorly written as maybe) calls the tweeters I read “wrong” because that’s what I think your beliefs, and the way you disseminate them, are.

      I try not to come to any decisions I make about a subject, particularly one as emotionally troublesome as abortion, without at least getting information from both sides of the argument. I look into it, research it, ask people’s opinions. That seems to me to be the sensible thing to do. I tend to trust in the argument that is scientifically founded in fact, and not on faith-based beliefs.

      As an aside, I am neither sensitive, nor a liberal. Liberalism is a wishy-washy, neither here-nor-there political stance that loves fence sitting. It’s an easy way for those on the right to categorise/demonise those that don’t agree with them. I’m an out and out socialist, and have no problem proclaiming such.

      Happy to continue this if you want to debate the issues, but otherwise it’s getting a bit dull. You have your beliefs, I have mine. List me, block me, do whatever you like…I’m only doing this for a month, then it’s back to the real world for me.

      To paraphrase Billy Bragg:
      ‘If you’ve got a list, I want to be on it’

  3. Anti says:

    Wow. I forgot about that one. It’s tricky being a hashtag, but I’ll keep my word. Also, I was speaking of people in general being offended, not you personally.

    For me, knowing that abortion is wrong has nothing and everything to do with my faith. I don’t have to talk about God to show how killing unborn children is immoral. And I’d also like to add that my Faith never changes, but science does. If basing your political and/or religious views on science isn’t sitting on the fence, then I don’t know what is.

    And to address your side note, I completely agree with your view of liberalism. However, I think it’s blatantly obvious that socialism is a mere sect of the liberal world, and both are equally sensitive. If this weren’t true, you’d never have written this blog, or at least never have included a quote from me.

    I see no reason to ‘debate’ anything with you. I know from experience there is no such thing when it comes to discourse with liberals, and especially with socialists. You can say over and over that you consider the other side of the story before you make a decision about something, but I do not and will not believe it. Therefore, I see no point in it. And besides, you’re not even an American; although you may influence some of our mindless with your rubbish, you have no say in what actually takes place here. Again, what’s the point? And to sum up my first reply to this blog, this discourse was quite dull before it even started.

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