Goodbye nice, hello nasty.


I’m Sam.

I’ve been tweeting for a year and a half now, and I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed every moment.

Like to.

Recently, though, I’ve had less fun. It has a little to do with the people I follow (all of whom I enjoy reading, otherwise what’s the point in following them?), but it’s mostly people I don’t follow intruding into my feed, how twitter is being used by some people and the changes Twitter is making that have tarnished my tweetlife.

Let’s go back a bit, though. Why did I like Twitter in the first place? When I first logged on in January 2009 it struck me that Twitter was almost like a beautiful co-operative society. Paradise with dividends. People talked with each other, shared tips and links, and recommended others to follow. There was no hierarchy that I could see, which was really attractive.  

 (Admittedly I came to Twitter through a “celeb” in the shape of Graham Linehan. I was a frequent visitor to his “Why, That’s Delightful” site, and enjoyed the Friday conversations he’d have. When he packed up and moved to Twitter, I followed.)

 I liked the fact that @soandso of wherever had the same platform to amuse, inform and opine as @celebrityfunnyman. I liked that I could find out about music, books, politics, stories etc that I had no inkling of beforehand, and discuss these with people who did.

 I liked that I could connect with anyone on there, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality, age or political persuasion. I obviously didn’t follow those I vehemently disagreed with for too long. Anyone who described themselves as being part of the “twitterati” got short shrift. Indeed, anyone who used that term was quickly blocked. There were no kings or queens, emperors or empresses.

 And it was fun. I laughed at jokes, discovered new music, made friends, got angry at Jan Moir and made some people laugh at things I tweeted.

 And here we are today. I’ve stopped appreciating the good things about Twitter. It may be because the 18 month honeymoon is over. It may be because I have melancholic bouts of over-analysing EVERYTHING. All I know is Twitter isn’t as shiny and lovely as it once was.

 I’m not leaving, though. There are still enough really smashing folk on here for me to stay.

No, I’m going to follow in the #wrongtwitter footsteps of @IanMartin. For those not in the know, Ian decided to unfollow everyone on his list for a month and instead just followed nasty types. These included right wing extremists, religious idiots and a combination of both. The updates were fascinatingly scary, anger-inducing pieces of reportage, albeit from the relative safety of a twitter feed.

From August 3rd, I will do the same for a month. This will purely be an exercise in learning to love once again, appreciating what I have, who I follow and those who like following me. It’s not radical, it’s no longer innovative, but it could very well save my tweetlife, as well as Twitter itself. Yes, I’m going to save Twitter. It’s my calling.

 I’ll be un-following people over the next day or two, but will re-follow again at the beginning of next month. If you want to un-follow me, that’s fine.

 I’ll post updates on here, and use my feed and the #wrongtwitter hash to notify updates.

 Finally, I’d be grateful for any accounts you feel I may want to look at for #wrongtwitter


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14 Responses to Goodbye nice, hello nasty.

  1. dunchinson says:

    good luck, see you on the other side.

  2. Lifelists says:

    Good luck Sam. You have indeed made me laugh and think and I’ve learned some good stuff from you… even though we disagree on Seinfeld! I’ll still be reading your tweets and hope to see you on the other side unless of course I decide to become an extremist for a month just to get your attention. Take care jx

  3. Sam, It won’t be nearly as bad as you might expect. Look at my own experience, for example. A harmless, almost elderly, middle-of-the-road sort of person who, through signing-up to Twitter, has been introduced to left-wing zealots for no other reason than fathering someone who seems to have caught their imagination through his songwriting.

  4. GKM77X says:

    “It may be because the 18 month honeymoon is over. It may be because I have melancholic bouts of over-analysing EVERYTHING. All I know is Twitter isn’t as shiny and lovely as it once was.”

    Amen. Happy trails, Sam.

  5. jo says:

    Will miss you , good luck and don’t let them get you down . All the best and be back soon .x

  6. Jos21 says:

    Just remember ~ be careful out there! Good luck and look forward to your return 🙂

  7. Oh! You make me feel sad! I only just joined twitter, and I know what you mean – the nice aspects are lovely, though. See you in a month, don’t get depressed by the nasty elements during your time away. xx

  8. mattwhatsit says:

    30 Days of Wrong. Good luck.

  9. Neurosceptic says:

    See you on the other side Sam.

    Enjoy the quiet life for a while, i am seriously considering it a break from it too.


  10. Iamamro says:

    Good bye Sam. Will miss your tweets.

    I thought it was just me feeling melancholic about Twitter. But then I’m a melancholic person.

    Twitter seems to have changed, and not for the better. There’s more abuse and hive mind hounding of people. Tribes seem to be forming, fewer people welcoming and talking with new people.

    Maybe it’s just my imagination.

  11. fecketyfeck says:

    I think we have all picked up on a strange shift on twitter-for me it has shifted out of safe hands;doodledawne,Mangowe/firmpear,Misspenders,MandyPandy32,Neurosceptic,frak,SplashMan,whistlingduck etc in to the tweets of ppl who are permanently angry/boring.Here is a twat for you to follow- Soldierjohn.Enjoy xxS

  12. ClareKirwan says:

    Hi Sam
    Courage, mon brave! It’s a fascinating project but I hope it doesn’t make you lose the will to live!

    I’m not a massive twitter user but when I’ve seen your stuff I’ve liked it – never visited the blog before (tiny criticism… the print size in the comments is very small!) but I’ll be back, though I’m a bit scared now…

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